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Evangelion Tshirt (pre-order 08/26 to 09/03)

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The opening scene of EoE is one of the most ingenious scenes in all of Eva, and I'm gonna try to explain why I feel that way. (SPOILERS DUH) So why does Shinji masturbate over Asuka in the beginning of the movie? It's because he doesn't know how to make decisions for himself. He never acts of his own free will, and is constantly driven to do what other people want him to do in an effort to make them like him (he is entirely selfless for very selfish reasons), but by this point in his life he has nobody left to turn to. His father wants nothing to do with him, and Misato and Rei now terrify him, so he turns to Asuka out of desperation (who normally would be the last person he would turn to because he is under the impression that she hates him more than anybody else.) He's so desperate in fact, that he tries to wake her up in her comatose state, telling her to even "call him an idiot like always", the thing that he normally least wants to hear, though he likely knows that his attempts are of no use. This is his final cry for help, so when he exposes her breasts and she still doesn't wake up, this is when he knows he is utterly alone and must make decisions on his own, but since he has no experience making decisions and doesn't feel qualified to do so, he can only rely on his instincts, and his instincts at that moment pretty much go like this; see breasts, get horny, jerk off. He doesn't care about the repercussions or the guilt he will later feel. After he does this, he says "I'm so fucked up", the only time the f-bomb is ever dropped in Eva, to further drive home the shock of the scene, and so that we know the guilt Shinji feels immediately afterwards, and it contributes to his depressed state throughout the rest of the film.

It also serves a purpose at the end of the film. During instrumentality, everybody is formed into one being, allowing people to look into the minds of others, and during this time, Asuka looks into Shinji's mind and learns what he did in the hospital (it's also during this time that she learns that he actually does have feelings for her, and he just did not know how to communicate it.) The final line "how disgusting", despite having many meanings, is meant to reinforce the fact that she knows what he did, but this line comes after she caresses Shinji's face. This one, simple motion tells us that, despite knowing what Shinji did, she still loves him and has come to terms with it. On a side note, the semen on his hand is meant to parallel the shot of the blood on his hand from the first episode, with the blood representing death, and the semen representing life.

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