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Image of Horo da wise woof (preorder 2/19 to 3/2)

Horo da wise woof (preorder 2/19 to 3/2)


As much of a fan that I am for economics and economics animes in general, this series could never capture me. Like holo seems cool and whatever but I just found most of the episodes kind of bland tbh. yes yes I can hear your fingers furiously clacking away at your keyboard, but don't you worry! your long sperg message will fall on deaf ears, eyes would be more accurate. I watched this show when it premiered 2006 and still thought it was okay at best, nothing to really write home about I also tried it again in 2018 with no change in opinion, guess it was truly an anime not for me... anyways this sticker goes out to you economics furry bois!

5inx4.9in - matte finish

printing / shipping should take 1.5 weeks after preorder is over

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