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Pre-Orders: Preorders are usally set up to last from 1 to 2 weeks depending on if sales stay constant, once sales drop I will close the pre-orders and have my Printer start pumping out these sticky pieces of vinyl for your car, house, pc case, dog, mom, or bad dragon dildo. if you have any questions regarding anything, use my contact page to get in touch with me.

My order has not arrived: please wait 2 weeks, the mail may be slow. If you do not recive it you will only get half your cash back. If it returns back to me then I will resend it at no charge only after confirmation.

Loners crew is not responsible for lost or bent mail, partial refund may be asked for if stickers are bent or ripped. Picture proof will be needed for refunds.

International orders: I charge a flat rate of 2 dollars for any order outside of the US, free shipping code may still be applied to international orders over 25$

Who am I: I am no one. 

what do I do: Vector commission and anime meme sticker salesman.

Boobs or Butts: Thanks me 2

Why are you a jerk: Because I can be

Anime: no thanks im full

Traps: no (yes)

Girls drawn as boys: yes.

Why do you have an FAQ now: I just saw it, so here I am wasting time again.

Can I work for your: Use that contact button.

Can you put an old sticker up for sale again: Get a bunch of people to spam my inbox first. Then I'll put it up once more.

Did you just spoil Goodnight PunPun for me: I don't know.

Can you teach me to vector so I dont have to pay 6 dollars for a sticker: Yes contact me now its free.

Can I go home now?: Nope you are stuck here forever.

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